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These are some of the sweet children who have tragically lost their precious lives too soon in our community that our foundation is here to help.  If you are family to any of these precious, amazing children and would like to email us photos, website links, or just words of love about them, please, PLEASE do.  We will be happy to put up a memorial page just for them including all of their photos and love notes from family and friends.

Dwight James Brock, Jr.
September 14, 1992 - January 2, 2010

Dwight was a fun loving kid that loved his family and loved playing games.  Dwight was tragically killed while horse-playing around with his sister and was accidentally ran over.

Visit his memorial blog here.

Fernando Jr. Medina
1/27/2007 - 5/15/2010

Fernando was a precious 3 year old boy with an infectious smile and a contagious smile.  Loved by all of his family and sadly missed by Mother, Leticia.

Visit his memorial page here.

Gabriel Trujillo
January 11, 1991 - July 24, 2010

Gabriel Trujillo worked as a roofer and was married with 2 daughters, ages 2 and 3 years old, from a previous marriage and an 11 month old daughter from his current marriage.  He was a good father who always provided for his family.  For a hobby, Gabriel loved being a tattoo artist.  He was just married March of 2010 and will be missed by his wife and children.

Freddy Aguilar
September 19, 1996 - August 28, 2010

Freddy Aguilar was a hero that gave his life in a home invasion in Tempe.  Already shot twice in the arm, Freddy was killed trying to go and warn others. 

Visit his memorial page here

Nicholas Ramos
Age 10

Nicholas was a 5th grader who played trombone and had just been elected to represent his class in student council. He was very well liked and had a way of making everyone laugh. Nick loved school and especially reading and friends said he was always willing to help others.

Visit his memorial page here.

Emma Ramos
Age 8

Emma was a bright 3rd grader who was, "bubbly" loved school and life. She loved animals, had a sweet laugh and was known to plan little silly jokes that would make everyone smile.

Visit her memorial page here.

Jonathan Garcia-Valladarez
Age 13

Jonathan was an intelligent 13 year old who was gunned down in a random act of violence while jogging in his neighborhood.  He was looking forward to being a doctor.

Baby Francisco Javier Hernandez
August 20, 2010 - December 08, 2010

Baby Francisco was one of God's beautiful children that was taken away from his mom and family way too soon, apparently by his father, when he shook him too hard. The official cause of death was Shaken Baby Syndrome. Francisco was 3 months of age. Francisco Javier Hernandez. (AKA) Baby Kiko.

Thank you so much for your support!


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