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The Love Brothers

This memorial page is dedicated to the Love Brothers, in this photo from left to right, Calib, Emmanuel and Anthony. Emmanuel is now the only living brother after a drowning tragedy on New Year's Day in a canal south of Maricopa.

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Calib Ontario Love
January 23, 2005 – Jan 1, 2012

Calib was born in Atlanta, Georgia, January 23, 2005. Ever joyful, he declared he wanted to be a prayer warrior at the age of 6. Calib while helping put flyers on cars, would often be heard saying, "I need thousands to come!" When asked come where? he would reply "To Church".

Calib was happy to show the world what he could do, no job was too big for our little man if you asked him to help, his easy reply was always the same, "OooooooooooooKAAYY!" He was a great fan of Alvin the chipmunk.

Anthony Michael Love
January 6, 2001 - January 1, 2012
Anthony was born in Atlanta, Georgia, January 6, 2001. Always the helper, his great quiet reserve and strong desire to show others love, is what he will forever be remembered for; although his needs were great, his greatest joy was making others smile. Autism did not stop Anthony from wanting to help. Whether it was helping serve sandwiches to the homeless in the park, or playing soccer and encouraging his teammates, Anthony was the hand offering help to others in greater need than he. Anthony was a great fan of all things Spiderman.

May They Rest In Peace


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